Welcome to the Kerry Sports injury Clinic...

The Clinic offers the following comprehensive range of services at our Clinic on Basin Road, Tralee:

1. Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy for all Musculoskeletal conditions

2. Acupuncture for all Musculoskeletal conditions. (Electrotherapy, Cupping, Needling) 

3. Sports Injury Assessment and Treatment (Kinesio and Zinc Oxide Taping)

4. Sports/Deep Tissue Massage.


Our Therapist is registered as a Physiotherapist with CORU. He is a Member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists (IAPT) and the Acupuncture Council of Ireland(ACI). All Treatments are covered by the major Health Insurers. Please review your policy. 

Can Physical Therapy help me?

Physical Therapy can help with a range of Musculoskeletal injuries. Some of those would include:

1. Back and Neck pain

2. Muscular strains and tears

3. Tendon inflammation / Sprains (Common problems involve the Ankle, Knee, Wrist and elbow)

What to expect?

Our Therapist works with you through a detailed history. An assessment of the range of movement is completed, Special Tests are carried out on the specific areas impacted. Based on the history taking and the observation of the tests an initial diagnosis is made and explained to the client. A Treatment Plan is then explained and put in place based on the clients capability.

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